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We Green Lands Robles specialize in trips to the untouched rainforests of Manu National Park with its wide variety of undisturbed wildlife including exotic mammals, birds, reptiles, insects and rich jungle vegetation.


As of January 2009, GreenLands Robles who started the company with his former partner, is now the SOLE Peruvian owner and operator of GREENLANDS ROBLES – www.greenlandsperu.com (not to be confused with greenlandsperu.com, which is now a separate organization)


The Manu National Park was created in 1973 and established a Biosphere reserve in 1977. In 1987 it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, due to the world´s highest biodiversity in Manu. It is one of the largest and most important conservation units of the world protecting an entire virgin watershed, covering altitudinal ranges from 200m to 4100m above sea level.


We have over 10 years guiding experience with an extremely wide knowledge of the fauna and flora of the Manu region, having worked with teams from National Geographic and BBC and Is featured in a Discovery Channel documentary Spirits of the Rainforest. He was born and grew up in the Amazon jungle of Manu National Park, making him a rainforest expert and Manu Tours.
Fully bilingual in English and Spanish, GreenLands Robles is an experienced tour operator who believes in promoting ecologically and socially sustainable tourism. His interests are in preserving the rainforests, educating people on biodiversity and promoting local Peruvian employment.


GreenLands Robles offers an exciting variety of Amazon adventures catering to individual and group requirements, for curious travelers, both young and old, eager to experience the full Manu Amazon experience.

Our GREENLANDS ROBLES trips are varied and include:

THE GREENLANDS ROBLES EXPERIENCE (OUR MOST POPULAR TRIP) a 4 and 7 or 8 days adventure, catering to intrepid travellers wanting to explore rich jungle trails, rivers and lakes, with opportunities to see:

In this tour we travel through the mountains to enter cloud forest, where we do some walks to observe several species of birds, orchids and maybe monkeys. After spending the night in our private lodge (Mirador Lodge) we continue 4h by boat to (Manu Rainforest lodge) deep in the jungle, visiting hot springs on the way. In the evening we do a night-walk to observe spiders (tarantulas), insects, frogs and snakes.
The following day we start a 2 day expedition explore the primary rainforest (untouched), bringing all our camping equipment including food. We have the chance to see many monkey species, birds like parrots and an unbelievable variability of plants like giant trees, palms and medical plants. We sleep in a Tree House besides a mammals clay lick to watch out for tapirs, deer and other animals.
The next day we keep exploring all day and spend the night camping besides the reserve ecological CREENLANDS ROBLES.
On day five we go by boat river up and spending the night camping on a sandbank. On the last day we return to Cusco by boat and bus

  • Multi coloured squawking macaws feasting at the clay lick at dawn
  • 13 species of monkeys swinging from tree to tree
  • Shy tapirs gorging at the clay lick pool from our observation platform
  • Giant river otters swimming in the natural lakes from the floating catamaran
  • Variety of caimans along the river bank during night boat trips
  • Hairy tarantulas and other insects in the jungle during the night walks
  • Many diverse bird varieties such as hummingbirds, toucans, parakeets, tanagers , vultures, eagles, flycatchers, hoatzin, cock of the rocks to name just a few.
  • Many species of flora:
  1. Trees (giant fig, iron wood, brazil nut, mahogony, palm, fruit)
  2. Flowers (orchids, heliconia, bromiliads)
  3. Plants (medicinal, cats claw)

We also have the opportunity to see the majestic jaguar and capybaras – the world’s largest rodent.
NOTE: Trips can be customized to suit specific needs including travelling with children.

THE UNIQUE BIRDWATCHING EXPERIENCE, a customized trip from 3 to 15 days, catering to beginners as well as experienced bird watchers enthusiasts with opportunities to observe some of the 1,000 varieties of birds, including:

  • River: Macaws, herons, kingfishers
  • Forest: ant birds, tanagers, bamboo specialists, cock of the rock, trumpeters
  • Andes and Cloud Forests: teals, ducks, wrens, hummingbirds, bamboo specialists.
  • Birds of Prey, eagles, hawks, kites, condors
  • And many more…


A customized trip from 3 to 15 days catering to photographic enthusiasts, eager to capture unique the wildlife in its natural habitat in the Manu region digitally, video or on film. This trip includes trail walking and river expeditions, boat, observation platforms and towers, with opportunities to photograph by day or by night.
We also offer Trekking Trips to Machu Picchu and several alternative Andes Mountain treks are available too. For details see “Trekking in Cusco”.


Our clients include curious, adventurous travelers from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. We welcome those of all ages and levels of fitness.


Tours departs from Cusco to the Manu National Park/the Manu Biosphere several times a month throughout the year.
A minimum of two people guarantees the Manu Biosphere Reserve and other programs. We require a minimum of four people for the Manu National Park trip