Manu Jungle Trips 4 Days – Classic Tour


Important notes:

  1. Bearing in mind the uncontrollable forces of nature, the program “Manu Jungle 4 Days” could be subject to changes at any time without warning.
  2.  Manu is a rainforest that has remained intact because of it hidden location. This means the program involves much traveling by bus and boat. However, it also means you are in a part of the Amazon rainforest that has no comparison, with an untouched flora and fauna!

Day 1: MANU TOURS AMAZON 4 DAYS – Cuzco to Mirador Amazon Lodge:

For Manu Jungle trips we´ll depart Cusco in our private expedition van, and drive all day through. The bus stops frequently during the trip, to permit short visits to small Andean towns (the Inca- towers of Ninamarca, and the colonial village of Paucartambo). Then, we´ll climb up to 3900 m.a.s.l. to then dive into the Manu Reserve. Here is where the exploration of the incredible range of cloud forest habitats, We´ll be able to see orchids, primitive ferns, etc., and wildlife, such as our national bird, the cock of the rock, and hopefully, the woolly monkey. In the evening we´ll arrive to the village of Pilcopata, where we´ll stay in a typical lodge. Showers and toilets available. Private Lodge is also an option.

Day 2: Mirador Amazon Lodge to machuwasi Like Lodge

Parrot - Manu Jungle Trips

Today, after breakfast we´ll still have a one and a half hour ride to Atalaya, where we´ll take our boat to our Lodge, situated on the banks of the mighty river Alto Madre de Dios. Here we´ll spend the day, exploring the surrounding area with very interesting trails, that will show us this amazing ecosystem, in the form of a mysterious swamp, where we can see the prehistoric Hoatzin, some Caimans, Capybaras, Dusky Titi monkeys, and different species of birds. We´ll also have the opportunity to swim in the river. After dinnertime, we´ll be able to hear various sounds of the Amazonian night, like the Night Monkey, the World’s only nocturnal primate; the Kalinowski Rat; Great Potoos and the Pigmy Owl; we´ll also take a look for spiders and frogs. Showers and toilets available.

Day 3: Machuwasi Like Lodge (exploration)

After a comfortable night sleep in our Lodge, we will leave for a 3 hours walk, to explore the deeper jungle. Here we´ll have the opportunity to find a wide array of creatures, which live more hidden in the forest. Also, we´ll find many medicinal plants, which are used for all imaginable cures, by the local people. If we´re lucky, we´ll also be able to spot some big animals, like Jaguars, Puma´s, Swine’s, Ant-eaters etcetera… Back in the lodge, after lunch, we have the opportunity to choose to go for a refreshing swim in the river, or a comfortable bath in the lodge. After some good relaxation, we´ll go for a trip over the lake, with a big wooden raft. Around us, you´ll be able to see birds in transit. We´ll be back at the lodge before dinner. Optional night walk after wards.

Day 4: Machuwasi to Cusco:

15 minutes boat ride down the river to observe loudly screaming green parrots, where many different species of parrots, parakeets and some macaws give a colorful show. After returning of the parrot clay lick, your guide is available to further explain about the forest. After all this, we´ll take our motorized boat back to the lodge, for our last breakfast in the jungle. Then, we´ll continue by boat to Atalaya, where our vehicle we´ll be awaiting us for the ride back to Cusco, to be back in the late afternoon or the early evening.

tapir manu jungle 4 days

INCLUDED in Manu tours Peru 4 days:

  • Naturalist guide in English and Spanish.
  • Transportation by private bus.
  • Transportation by private boat.
  • Overnights in lodges.
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • Water at any time and warm drinks.
  • All Entrance
  • Snack
  • Trekking boots
  • Rain gear.

NOT INCLUDED in Manu tours Peru 4 days:

  • First days breakfast
  • First days water
  • Soft drinks and beers


  • Shirt long sleeve and long pants.
  • Warm cloths (for misty mornings on the river)
  • Water bottle or Canteen.
  • Trekking Sandals, bathing suits, towel and a day pack.
  • Enough mosquito repellent 50% deet.
  • Sun block.
  • Flash light or torch with extra batteries.
  • Plastic bags.
  • Hat or cap.
  • Extra money to buy beverage.
  • Binoculars.
  • Camera and extra films and batter