Tambopata Jungle Trips 4 Days


Upon arrival in Puerto Maldonado, we will move to the center of town where you can experience the exotic local market. Depending on the time of arrival we can have our first lunch here or while traveling to the lodge.
We will take our motor boat along the Madre de Dios River to the Tambo Eco Lodge and later navigate directly through the confluence of two large tributaries of the Amazon rainforest, the Madre de Dios and the Tambopata;
In the afternoon we will make a 10 minute boat trip to Monkey Island, where you will see a great diversity of monkeys.
At night we can appreciate raccoons, capybaras and a rich variety of birds.
Return to the Tambo Eco Lodge for a traditional dinner.
Night activities are available every night. These include night walks, talks on different topics and alligator watching when optimal


After breakfast, we take a walk to the famous Sandoval Lake, passing through the virgin forest, home to beautiful flora.
Your way through immense ancient trees and tangled in the vines; multicolored flora and fauna included: Giant otters, birds, colorful butterflies, alligators, turtles and variety of fish. We will spend a few hours by canoe on this one of the most beautiful lakes in the region.
12.30 p.m. Lunch time. Later, we will head to the majestic Madre de Dios River and head downstream for an hour and a half to the Ese’Ejas Native Community.
In our modern and civilized world we have almost forgotten the existence of ancient cultures and traditions. An ancient indigenous tradition such as Ese Eja reveals to us the customs and way of life of indigenous peoples.
They give us the opportunity to have direct contact with a people of ancient warriors and hunters and to share their ancestral ways. We can return this gift by helping their economy and buying some of the products they make.


The beginning of the adventure circuit is reached by climbing a tower and a ladder that goes up to the treetops and a platform.
You will feel the breeze on your face as you cross the 89m long suspension bridge that leads to a platform 37m above the ground wrapped around the huge trunk of an ironwood tree, one of the densest and strongest trees found in the forest. The pulsating symphony of bird calls, accompanied by the chirping of toads and crickets.
We return through the canopy bridge and ascend to the platform that marks the beginning of the almost 200 m long zip line cable, along which we fly through the air like eagles.
The 75 m long log bridge, which hangs 27 m above the ground, takes us off this platform, and leads us to the platform at the beginning of the second zip line, a 160 m flight back to the tower and the staircase that descends to the forest floor.
After a well-deserved lunch, we go to the river in kayaks, well-protected with high-quality life jackets, and accompanied by a motorboat; this first-class activity is relaxing and accessible to everyone.
This is also a good opportunity to swim in the river waters and complete our day of jungle adventure and new experiences.
4.00 p.m. Return to Yakari.


Parrots and macaws need to eat rich clay that provides them with the salts and minerals necessary to metabolize and neutralize the toxins and acids of the flowers, fruits, and seeds upon which they feed.
Early each day, therefore, they congregate at the salt licks, clay walls along the rivers and streams in the Madre de Dios region of the Amazon rainforest.
We offer you the opportunity to see this spectacle, one of the most beautiful sights of the natural world; the parrots, of which nine species can be observed, and the six species of macaws form a symphony of colour and sound which is difficult to describe.
This beautiful dawn display lasts for about an hour during which time you will be able to film and take fantastic photos. At about 7.30am we return to Puerto Maldonado 8:15 am breakfast on our return to Puerto Maldonado. Check in 2 hours before your flight on to Cusco or Lima. Tambopata jungle trips 4 days.

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Program includes – Tambopata jungle trips 4 days:

  • Transfer to Cusco airport on to the lodge and return to Puerto Maldonado airport
  • All meals (vegetarian options)
  • Four night’s accommodations (double ones with private rooms)
  • Excursions with expert jungle guides in English
  • Entrance fee to Sandoval Lake
  • Canopy walks Yakari Canopy Jungle Adventure
  • Water and typical beverages

Program not includes – Tambopata jungle trips 4 days:

  • Flight tickets
  • airport taxes
  • extra drinks (beers, sodas)
  • Tips

Flight options:

Flight prices depend on availability and are usually cheapest when
reserved in advance!!